It's Your Hand at the Wheel

As a successful executive, you’ve had to make some hard decisions, take some risks, and face being misunderstood. Your steady hand at the wheel has navigated some tough storms, and now you are ready to bring the ship safely into harbor.

We understand your situation and needs.

Very few advisors have the specialized expertise to handle the complex compensation packages that executives often have. You need someone who understands RSUs, ESPPs, stock options, and deferred compensation plans, and can help you with a comprehensive financial plan that accounts for your unique situation, taxes, concentration risk, and other important factors. We can help you optimize for the path that adds maximum long-term value to your family’s wealth.

How Do Savvy Executives Maximize their Compensation Plans?

For more than two decades, we have helped executives get the most out of their compensation plans. We understand the little-known strategies, forgotten tax rules, and nuances of corporate governance that you’ll need to know if you want to make the most of your hard work.

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Our Specialized Services Include:

  • Concentrated Stock Planning

  • Executive Compensation Planning

  • Tax Strategies and Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • M&A Search and Referral

  • Estate Planning and Legacy

  • Trust Services

  • Philanthropic Planning

  • Family Governance and Education

  • Private Investment Opportunities

  • And much more!

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