Business Owners

You Did It Your Way

As a successful business owner, you’ve had to make some hard decisions, take some risks, and face being misunderstood. That was the price to pay to come so far, and now you’re ready to harvest the fruits of your labor.

As serial entrepreneurs, exit planners, and business owners ourselves… we understand you. And, having been through the exit process many times both as advisors and as owners, we can help you navigate towards your desired outcome.

We are one of the very few fee-only, fiduciary wealth management firms that cater specifically to entrepreneurs like you, and we have a unique set of skills, expertise, and connections that come with our unique background.

What’s Your Business Worth?

Curious what your business might be worth? Fill out our brief 10-minute questionnaire and receive a FREE opinion of value using updated, industry-specific research. With only 12 questions and a couple of basic financial metrics, we can provide a range of value for your business based on decades of expert research and experience in business valuation. Give it a try… it’s 100% free!

Our Specialized Services Include:

  • Tax Strategies and Planning

  • Private Wealth Management

  • Retirement Planning

  • Liquidity and Exit Planning

  • Pre-Transaction Planning

  • M&A Search and Referral

  • Estate Planning and Legacy

  • Trust Services

  • Philanthropic Planning

  • Family Governance and Education

  • Private Investment Opportunities

  • And much more!

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