About Us

You Did It Your Way.

If you’re a successful business owner, entrepreneur, or professional, you’ve had to make some hard decisions, take some risks, and face being misunderstood. That is the price you’ve paid to come this far, and now you’re ready to harvest the fruits of your labor.

We Have Too.

Symphony Wealth was born out of the same spirit. We have the same fierce independent streak and loyalty to our mission. And our mission is to serve entrepreneurial families such as yours, who have complex financial concerns, ambitious goals, and unique challenges.

What you don’t need is financial stress holding you back. You need a trusted partner—someone not distracted by conflicts of interest, someone who sits on the same side of the table.

What is a Fiduciary?

A fiduciary advisor is required by law to put your best interest first at all times. This is the highest legal and ethical standard for financial advisors. Because we value trust and candor in our client relationships, we operate exclusively within the fiduciary standard, and do not accept any commissions for financial products we recommend.

Firm History

Curtis Hearn founded Symphony Wealth after 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. During that time, he saw many industry practices driven primarily by sales quotas, not client needs.

A chord was struck. What if we built a firm focused on serving clients first instead of profits?

Symphony Wealth was created from that idea.

Who We Are

Symphony Wealth is a private, boutique wealth management firm serving high net worth families nationwide. We are 100% fee-only fiduciaries, meaning the only compensation we accept is from our clients directly. There are never any commissions on any financial product we recommend, so you never have to wonder if this is our best advice or just a sales pitch.

We are a custom-designed firm built to focus exclusively on serving high net worth families and their needs. As such, we go far beyond the “cookie-cutter” portfolios of Wall Street.
Founder and President
Curtis Hearn, MBA, CFP®
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Client Service Manager
Gabby Diaz
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Chief Compliance Officer
Will Brand, CRCP®
Director of Investments
Ryan Geschke
Managing Director, Operations
Erin Corbett
Marketing Coordinator
Jenny Kurz
Head of Portfolio Management
Lauren Lehman, CFA®, CFP®
Senior Portfolio Manager
Arianna Rodriguez, CIMA®